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Michael Jordan (Data East 1992)

This is the hybrid 4 view version of Data East 1992 Michael Jordan. All the same credits that I put into the last release of this table at https://vpuniverse.com/files/file/5830-michael-jordan-data-east-1992/. I'm not suggesting that you should download that version, but all the description and past credits are there. This version includes 4 view to make it a hybrid, those views are Desktop, Fullscreen, Full Single Screen, and VR.


Current credits go out to:

Rawd - for making me a really cool and original looking launcher button and housing, including lighting it up and blinking. Also, for beta testing and giving suggestions to make it better.

Ahr1man - for his beta testing and bug reporting, and his suggestions to make it better. 

VPW Crew - for VR room and Beacon from Lethal Weapon 3 only converted to clear.


Happy New Year everybody, I hope you enjoy this table.


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This is how i did it. 


1 click the table on left

2 click camera tab

3 uncheck fss mode and test desktop

4 xy rotation to 270 

5 save

exit and reload





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Thanks weedwhacker. One other quick question. Do you see faint little grey lines running randomly over the table? I first thought it was supposed to be scratches on the glass, but I can see the imperfection layers and I don't think they are related to that.

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