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Hi Guys! I've had a cab for quite a while running VPX. I run 2 screens at 1080p, no DMD, no PUP. I've been noticing that I have stutter on a few tables with captive balls (Jubilee, Darling). Outside of that I may have some microstutter, but nothing terrible. Low settings or high settings don't seem to make much of a difference. What would you consider a good upgrade for the video card?


This is what I'm running now.

Toshiba SSD

Asrock x470 MB

Ryzen 5 2600

16gb ram

1050ti video card

Windows 7 Ultimate x64bit


I'm also a bit puzzled as to why my bartop actually boots faster than my pincab by about 5-10 seconds.

The bartop is using an old HP from 2008 with 1gb of ram, and a 7200 rpm sata. With bare windows, Mame and Pinball X, it boots in about 40 seconds.




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Hey, as an upgrade I'd want to sort out your stutter first. Get everything playing well etc.


If your stutter is kind of "all the time" regardless of what's going on then it's most likley the GPU as the 1050Ti is realyl not very powerful. You'd benifit a LOT by moving to something like a 2060 (easily available 2nd hand now and a good few order of magnetutide higher performance).


One thing to note though is that i use to ahve a Ryzen 2600 and I also got some issue with stutter and slowdown but usually in Multiball etc (DOF would be laggy also).  The 2600 is a Zen 2 CPU and it never had the best IPC. if you're getting stutter in certain circumstancess then swap out the CPU for a  3600 or 5600 as BOTH will work with your motherboard (might nee dto BIOS update for the 5xxx)  the 3xx and 5xx series Ryzen processors had MUCH better IPC improvements and performance and I moved from 2600 to 5600G (the really low end one) and the stutter and slowdown just  dissappeared.

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