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  1. I just turned it off in the script. For the B2s I just made my own. I found a grille and added it to the original image.
  2. Does anyone know if any of these are available in VPX? I attached my xml files in case anyone is interested in looking. Some I could swear I've seen, but can't find... 301 ACDC Ace High Actosoft Alaska Ali Baba Alpine Club American Pinball (Tomy) Antar Arabian Knights Arena Arrowhead Asteroid Annie Astro Shooter Pinball (Tomy) Atarians Atlas Atomic Arcade (Tomy) Attack Avro Arrow Banzai_Run Beatles Big Top Gottlieb Big Top Wico Big_Daddy Black Sabbath 80s Black Velvet Blackbelt Blue Ribbon Bobs Bride of Pinbot Bowling Champ Break Bright Lights Broadway Bronco 1963 BroncoBuster Buccaneer Camel Lights Camelot Captain Hook Captain Kidd Caribbean Cruise Casanova Casino Centaur Inder Centigrade_37 Chinatown Clown Clown Zaccaria Continental Cafe Cowboy Eight Ball Cowboys And Indians Cross Country CyclonePLB Daffy_Duck Dark Rider De-Icer Derby Day Devil King Devils Dare Diamond Lill Dino Turbo DipsyDoodle Disco_Fever Distant_World Double Action Double Barrel Dragon Bob Dragonette Dragonfist Escape Evil Fight F1Grand Prix Family Guy Fire Mountain Flame of Athens Flash 3179 Flash_Gordon_Rosve Flip_Flop Fly High FotoFinish Foxy Lady Frolics Furie Future World Gator Geisha Ghostbusters Gold Star Grand Prix Gusher Halley Comet Happy Days HauntedMansion Heavy Metal Hoe Down Honey Hot Wheels Howzat Hulk_Rosve Impacto Iron Man Itchigos Quicksilver James Bond Jigglebox Jumaci JungleQueen Jupiter Crush KC Jones Kewpie Doll KeyWest King_Tut Knockout Kuwait La Retata Lady Death Lady_Luck Lap by Lap L'Hexagone Lights Camera Action Magic Eight Ball Majestic Marble Queen Mars Attacks Mars_Trek Masquerade Mephisto Mermaid Metallica Custom Mexico 86 Miss Universo Moon Flight Motordome Moulin Rouge Movie Masters Mystic Marvel New Stars Phoenix Nova Odisea Paris Dakar Palisades Paperboy Paradise Party Pentacup Petaco Petaco 2 Peter Pan Pinball Lizard Pinball Universe Pirates_JP Playboy 2002 Pokerino Pool Champion Preview Rapid Vienna Real Red_Dwarf_Rosve Reno Reserve Riverboat _Gambler Rock 2500 Rock On RocketPLB Rocketship Rockettes Rollergames Rotation VIII Royal Flush Supreme Rugby Ryan Family Pumpkin Carving Screech Seawolf SeeSaw Sharpshooter PLB Shooting The Rapids Showtime Silver PLB Ski Jump Skykings SkyLine Soccer Kings Space City Space Jam Space Rider Space Riders Space1999 Special Force Special Force Girls Speedway Spitfire Spooky Spot Bowler Spy Hunter Stalker Star Trip Strike Strikes n Spares Sunny Super Orbit Super_Star Superman vs Ali Take Five Telecard Ten Spot The Entertainer The_Shadow The_Three_Stooges Three Coins Three Deuces Thunderball Thunderbird Thunderbolt Tiger Rag Time 2000 Time_Zone Title Fight TMNT Tri Score Trigon TronLe UBoat Universe Vampire Wallace and Gromit Western Version Cowboys And Indians Wild Schuetz Wonderland World Cup 90 World Defender World Of Hanna Barbera Worlds Fair 1962 X-Men X-Men Pro Zankor VP9.zip
  3. Awesome tribute!! I'm on a 2 screen setup. I took WM'S image, added a grille, and now I have a 2 screen b2s. (No PUP) The problem I'm having is Flex DMD is losing focus when the backglass renders. The backglass renders over the DMD. Any ideas? Anyone have a wheel for this?
  4. If you want a period correct ball image, use the one above. If you want a modern ball, use this one. I'm sure someone can put a logo on there.
  5. My understanding is that to convert you can import to VPX, then just rebuild all of the objects (posts, rubbers, etc). I think most of the code can be salvaged. But Phil was a NASA engineer, so he's forgotten more about coding than I know. I have a hard time following sometimes.
  6. I figured I'd put this out there as I was working with Loserman on these before. My friend, PBecker1946 has made many tables in vp9- excellent in vp9. If someone is interested in converting these to VPX I'll gladly provide them to be converted. Many of these don't exist in VPX, or are the only version in VP9. If anyone is interested let me know and I'll share them. Here's some rare examples. We've probably worked on 100 tables over the years.
  7. If you make ELO move some stuff around. I like ELO but I don't want 10 of the same table.
  8. Thanks. Hopefully I can get some time tonight to work on this more.
  9. I'm using the first video link. When I rightclick Pinupopperregister.bat I get this registry error. (I had to screen capture very quickly to get this).
  10. I'm still having a hard time getting this to work. I've seen the Baller installer video, but still no luck. I keep getting errors like sqlite.dll or sqlite3.dll missing. I'm running W7 with 2 screens (DMD on screen 2). Where can I start?
  11. Just funny to watch this go back and forth like a Tennis match. Oh, and anyone who says having a site is just in it for the money? Full of crap. I don't have the overhead of VPU or VPF, but I've never covered my cost by donations. I take that back, early on by a generous donation from Randr I did for a while. It has to be even harder with a higher cost.
  12. Hello. Since you're new I'm just passing this along.



    Masters of the Universe.directb2s B2s Commands.txt

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    2. Ahriman0


      Thank you for your gift, its nearly a treasure. I couldnt find anything in the Web.

      Do you also have the popular Pup pack?🤫



      Is this part of your txt file importent too?



           Controller.B2SSetScore 1, Score
           Controller.B2SSetScore 2, Score
           Controller.B2SSetScore 3, Score
           Controller.B2SSetScore 4, Score

           Controller.B2SSetScorePlayer1 1, (Value)

           Controller.B2SSetCredits Credits
           Controller.B2SSetscore 6, Credits

           Controller.B2SSetScore 1,(Playerscore(0))
           Controller.B2SSetScore 2,(Playerscore(1))
           Controller.B2SSetScore 3,(Playerscore(2))
           Controller.B2SSetScore 4,(Playerscore(3))

           Controller.B2SSetScoreRollover 25, 1

           Controller.B2SSetScoreRolloverPlayer1 ,1

           Controller.B2SSetPlayerUp 30,Player

           Controller.B2SSetCanPlay 31, Players

           Controller.B2SSetBallInPlay 32, Ball

           Controller.B2SSetTilt 33,0

           Controller.B2SSetMatch 34,1

           Controller.B2SSetGameOver 35,1

           Controller.B2SSetShootAgain 36, 1
           Controller.B2SStartAnimation "Name"

           Controller.B2SStopAnimation "Name"


                Controller.B2ssetscore 1, INT((Score(1) MOD 1000) /100)
                Controller.B2ssetscore 2, INT((Score(1) MOD 100) /10)
                Controller.B2ssetscore 3,      Score(1) MOD 10
                Controller.B2ssetscore 4, INT((Score(2) MOD 1000) /100)
                Controller.B2ssetscore 5, INT((Score(2) MOD 100) /10)
                Controller.B2ssetscore 6,      Score(2) MOD 10
          If Score(1) >1000 Then Controller.B2ssetdata 10, 1
          If Score(1) <1000 Then Controller.B2ssetdata 10, 0
          If Score(2) >1000 Then Controller.B2ssetdata 11, 1
          If Score(2) <1000 Then Controller.B2ssetdata 11, 0

    3. Itchigo


      I don't have the P'up, I only had the BG.


      The text file is a guide to learn to code backglasses. I have the major commands copy and paste.

    4. Ahriman0


      At first I was just reading code but slowly I'm beginning to understand what it means. thank you very much.

  13. I think I was holding off putting it up until Comican, then I forgot.... JamieP has a copy, I'm not sure if he wants to convert it to VPX or not. Anyone is welcome. I have others that need converting as well. https://www.adrive.com/public/eDD2WT/Impractical Jokers Itchigo Original 2016.zip
  14. I liked the addition of script instead of the crude text I had originally (MS Paint). Here's the original vp9 version.
  15. So a little backstory on this table: Long story short about this table is I found a bg image and made a table for it back in 2015 (The Good Taste of Beer). But as I am not good with graphics I only had a working table, no graphics. Then I was asked to make a commercial table for a company, and I used internet art (Absolut). The company made it for the new (at the time) Singapore airport wing. Then I reused the table for a German Marketing company... (They did the artwork). Then I was asked to make a table for the TV show, Impractical Jokers. It debuted at Comican 2016. Even the guys from the TV show played it. The resources came directly from the TNT network people and all changes had to be approved. The TNT people did the graphics, and provided sound clips to use in addition to game sounds. It was hard for me, because I never even saw the show, so I didn't know what was appropriate where or when. But I took a stab at it. I still have yet to make The Good Taste of Beer despite all of this.
  16. Please excuse my crappy phone camera. Thanks Dazz!!! I'd play my cab if they'd let me!!
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