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Roller Coaster Reversed (Gottlieb 1971)

Yes it is upside down and yes its supposed to be that way.  I was talking with Loserman76 last year about doing this and i never ended up getting around to it before he passed.   A while ago I saw a guy on the internet that flipped a pinball playfield around 180 degrees and made the game play backwards.  The table slopes down to the back of the machine and the ball drains towards the apron but everything is backwards.  He also rewired it so the game starts at 9,999 points and counts down, so the object of the game is to get to 0 in a set number of balls.   I thought it was a cool project in real life so i wanted to see how it was to actually play it in virtual.   I ended up taking LMs table, reversing and redoing all the artwork to make sense backwards.  I also added a bunch of animated rubbers, due to the orientation, you actually are able to see alot move.   Thanks to @Bluenmaize for helping with the scripting and b2s to actually make this thing work.  Thanks to @hauntfreaks for letting me mod his b2s.  And lastly, Thanks to Loserman76 for this table and all he has done for the community.  Enjoy and let me know if you actually get to 0 points!


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