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VR ROOM Ten Strike Classic Benchmark Games Inc. 2003 (10.7)

This is a 2003  Benchmark Games Inc. Ten Strike Classic mannequin bowling game. You aim the mannequin bowler man with flipper keys and pull back and throw the ball with the plunger. Before starting the game you can change options by pressing the right magna save to bring up a menu. You can turn on and off the music with the left magna save button any time during the game. You can change between two modes of scoring with the flipper keys before pressing start. There is a William Ten Strike score mode (strikes are 30 points and spares are 20 points) and a traditional bowling score mode (strikes and spares carry over to next frame, just like in real bowling). The options will be saved, and the menu will go away when you press the plunger. Then feed the coins and press start to begin. Up to two players can play.


Thanks go out to the VPW crew for the VR room.




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