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Physic 2.6

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HEY !!! Noah/ Paul /fill in the blank/..  said you guys cant post or talk about that shit wtf he ban your ass....................

1380394695.gif   Wait a minute,    SHIT wrong  forum thought i was at VPF sorry....Nothin to see here ...Move along......>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. :P

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Big Problem in FP no real work of developers with newer technical possibilities linke BAM, 2.6, 2.7; zed.........There is no really Prozess of using Bettler lightnings, Bettler lights, ball behaviour, dev. Maps in BAM.... Only newer support is sometimes ledwiz. The New FP mode don,t support newer physics. Ball behavior is only Bettler with no mod tables. Why nobody use the slingshot kicker vor invisible Flippers, it would solve some troubles with Flipper buttons and ball behaviour. There are so fantasic table Designer and so great scribters. But i Miss the development similar VP. With newer physics and BAM there are so powerful tools. I don,t understand why it is not really used by dev.

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Hallo Sven,

ich glaube du hast mich falsch verstanden. Die Physik arbeitet gut, aber die Entwickler verwenden zu wenig die technischen Möglichkeiten von BAM. Mit diversen maps lassen graphisch eine riesen Chance und Möglichkeit offen. Effekte ähnlich von Unity 3d sind damit möglich. ....

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