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I have permission from JPsalas to go ahead and mod Wrath of olympus. So with this i want to create a darkest dungeon table

For anybody that knows what darkest dungeon is you will know this is a very hard game with a big risk reward factor. For anybody that doesnt know about the game, its a dungeon crawler RPG with great atmosphere where you create a team of characters to go and explore dungeons full of things that want to kill you, the aim is to make it through each dungeon with as many characters alive as possible and collect items from chests etc that you can sell at the end to upgrade weapons/characters and buy items for the next dungeon. Thats the basics but it goes much more in depth than that. Here is a short review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJJGIFlyiWI

Im looking for help with this table as its my first attempt into anything VPX related, Ive started work on some of the art but willing to change/have somebody help with it. Im also looking/asking for help with coding as i only know the very basics. So if you would like to help let me know :)

here is what i have so far (again its very early ideas)

*basic rule ideas*

Shoot left ramp to light characters, shoot right ramp to collect items

Once all characters are lit centre shot starts dungeon (items aren’t required but helpful)

In a dungeon you have 10 seconds to shoot right ramp to damage monsters, pop’s increase monster damage

If ramp isn’t hit in 10 seconds 1 character loses health. After 4 monsters are killed dungeon is complete, shoot centre shot to collect rewards earned (rewards are bonus multipliers for dungeon score)

Shoot right scoop to collect treasures in dungeon (these are added to score at the end if dungeon is completed) there is also a chance to receive a de-buff that may kill off a character instantly or lower their health

If remaining characters alive also increase multiplier

If all characters die the dungeon is over

Table lighting will dim during a dungeon, hit the torch post targets to keep table lit. extra multiplier for having a darker table (on a time basis) and do more damage to monsters depending how dark the table is.

Light C A M P during a dungeon to restore all characters health – this is dependant on items collected before entering a dungeon

5 normal dungeons in total. 6th and Final one is a boss battle with multiball, where all ramps deal damage

Centre scoop “the Inn” hit 4 times before starting a dungeon. 1st ball opens the Inn, 2nd, 3rd and 4th lock balls. During a dungeon hit it 1 more time to start dungeon crawler multiball. In this multiball each time a monster is killed it will light a jack pot on the left ramp. If you defeat the dungeon with the multiball active both ramps be come a jackpot shot and centre shot becomes super jackpot after collecting 2 of each jack pots.

During the dungeon crawler mutliball the scoop next to the left ramp will raise. Any ball put in there is drained until there is only 1 ball left so try to keep away when collecting jack pots.


rough art:


darkest pf.png



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Made a bit more progress today with the playfield/plastics. Looking for feedback as to what could be changed. Ive added items to the right that you collect and the 4 monsters you battle in the dungeons along with the C A M P letters on the lanes. Also messing about with getting the characters and icons to light up etc. Still super new to all this so any tips etc or feedback (good or bad) are welcome.

 Short vid to show lights:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/hypvdi8kja2mfzo/2022-06-21 23-26-01.mkv?dl=0

darkest pf.png


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