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  1. Congrats you all for this amazing improvement. FP will ,at least, not be frustrating anymore with some really great tables only available on FP. Thanks so muck for all this awesome work ! Baguette Power ! 😂
  2. Yep, the dmd just sucks, I will not work on this anymore i guess. But you are still able to change the dmd images and make your own or try differents settings with flex dmd.
  3. Can you try something please ? Open the table's script in vpx go to line 168 and turn back the "1.1" to "1.0" ? really not sure if this change something, i know nothing about dof... Try so set Reflection of playfield to : 10 or 15 and Default bulb Intensity to 2 or 3 you can find these setting in right column/Visuals
  4. Hello. Yes the file has not been uploaded yet, it fails everytime so the link is in the description. sorry for this.
  5. Hello ! 1.0.1 was not correctly fixed. in v1.1 wickerman loop should works correctly. I ve just uploaded the new versions but needs to be approved ( the link for table and pup pack will be in the description because all upload to vpu files fails for me actually) hello. are you using the last version (1.1) posted some messages ago?
  6. Amazing project ! i suppose it has been a pain to code... Not tested yet but its seems to be a great to play with distants friends. Thanks !
  7. hi! well no i was not talking about this, but i will add your fix to the pup pack. Cool if that fix the problem for everyone. thanks. @Cliffy cool . thanks. @80sRkadeguy70 Finally, you will be able to play
  8. 1.on first page you mean ? its not updated yet. 2.sorry im not able to fix this
  9. Re hello. Can you please test this version and tell me if its ok now ? i will upload it on forums if its ok. Flippers and dmd should be fixed as you suggested. thanks @Andypc @Cliffy https://mega.nz/file/FSsWQIDZ#fLi-mZnwp1QJVqqTN0IIZgE6M9AgiW7Nffbmc13rOxk
  10. private message was not neccessary , its better to talk about issues here to let everyone know issues and possible fix. this problem is because i ve also forget another setting about flipper... (please dont hurt me...need some vacations...^^) Open the table in vpx , select both flippers (flippers are in 'Playfield Object' layer) , in "physics" menu look at "Overwrite physics by global set" , 'set1' is selected right ? it should not (my bad again) so select DISABLE instead of set1 Dont forget to save. Thanks all for your feedback. Tell me if you see any other bugs or something. I ll fix all of these for the real update upload. and yes Cliffy i will change the DMD by FlexDMD even in desktop mode if this can be useful for some people.
  11. Hello. 1)Ok sorry i ve just seen i ve forgot to turn back ball image to normal...my bad. in vpx visuals settings: select as ball image: Taito_Ball2L (or whatever ball image) select as decal(optional): JPBall-scatches uncheck "logo mode" 2) naaa please dont tell me i broke something again 🤪 sorry about this i forgot to fix this.. i dont use the editor so my bad, another oversight from me 😅 thanks for the fix.
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