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Hey all! 
This is my first attempt at creating my own table. Instead of trying to re-skin something I decided to start completely from scratch and try to learn as much as I can. Ive learned a ton just setting up different tables on my cab, and Ive been watching a lot of great video tutorials to get me started, but WOW this is a lot of work!! Im having a lot of fun doing it though! Im sure Ill eventually be reaching out to others for help. Ive only done basic coding a little bit over a decade ago so I may need a bit of help there..  And Id be grateful for any tips n tricks offered!

Now, after a few weeks of playing around I think Ive got something going with Green Lantern.
This is all design work so far, no coding or lights yet. Ive designed the walls and shot layout, rules and modes are planned out, playfield art I think looks pretty cool, Im starting to get a handle on adding 3d objects (the power battery isnt quite right yet). Then I guess I start learning about lights.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know what you think of Green Lantern, and again, any advice is greatly appreciated!





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