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Westworld already fixed an old bug in the B2S Designer, but it seems the only official version out there is 1.2 still.


I happen to have 1.26 with the fix, but I am missing the source. I thought it would be time to push it to a safe place?


Here is the place where it used to be:




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I'm sorry, I thought it was merged in the repository. I had it in a virtual machine on an Intel based MacBook, and it was the only reason for me to use Windows. When I switched to ARM based Mac, I just deleted the virtual machine, thinking I did not needed it for years, why keep it...

Just checked all old backups I still have, but could not find it.


I only remember it was not really that much work. I'm not a Visual xx guy, B2S was the first (and only) time for me to use that language and it took not more than 30 minutes to do that. Hopefully somebody with more experience can redo the work quickly...

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Hi Westworld,


I managed to redo the changes you did 2017, but similar as you it isn't my domain of development, but I hope it all works as expected.


Here is the change log:


- Redo Westworld bugfix from 2017. Allow additional "empty" picture while importing reels. Export the "empty" reel into the XML file

- comment out the hardcoded sound loading. The last version committed from Herweh contained half finished code with hard coded sound files which make the exe fail on start. This is now on comment.



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