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[New VP10 Alert] Barbwire Joe Picasso Mod 1.2

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Barbwire Joe Picasso Mod 1.2


Ladies and Gentlemen I give you my rendition of the Barbwire table, New art, new models, new physics everything! Thanks to Aubrel for allowing me to mod his table.

Make sure to grab the Puppack by Hawkeyez88 that goes with it:





Thank you to Astronasty for taunting me and pushing me to finish this project. And Thanks to everyone who jumped on board to help me where my skills were lacking.


Table is 10.7


' Art for playfeild and plastics all created by Joe Picasso
' Help with 3d guns by Remdwaas
' Gun fire switch and animations by Devious 626
' Table Light shaping by Pedro Peres
' 3d Bulldozer cropped and aided by Andrei Maraklov 
' JLouLou For Recreating both ramps in blender and creating their texture packs. 
' JPsalas For helping me fix left set of ramps having issues.
' nFozzy Physics, Fleep Sounds, Ramp Rolling SFX, Plastics and Flipper Swaps added by Scampa123 (also added options for muting rom for puppack in script and ability to switch from PG mode to Adult Mode)
' Flipper primitives by zany
' Ball shadow by ninuzzu
' Ball control by rothbauerw
' DOF by arngrim
' Table rebuilt by Aubrel for VPX (thanks to Destruk, TAB, Rascal and Bigus for the previous builds)
' Initial table created by Bigus, fuzzel, jimmyfingers, jpsalas, toxie & unclewilly (in alphabetical order)
' Plus a lot of input from the whole community (sorry if we forgot you :/)





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This table looks and plays very nicely now. But I'm having an issue with the ROM not playing sounds. Some are there but most are not. My ROM is 885 KB in size and contains 6 .bin files.

Just wondered if this is incomplete as I've come across that before with ROMs. 


EDIT:   Sorry... just seen the mute ROM option in the script. My bad.  😛

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