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Maisie - Gottlieb 1947

Maisie / IPD No. 1520 / March, 1947 / 1 Player

Manufacturer:D. Gottlieb & Company (1931-1977) [Trade Name: Gottlieb]

Date Of Manufacture:March, 1947

Model Number:E

Type:Electro-mechanical (EM

Production:3,500 units   (confirmed)

Serial Number Database:View at The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database (IPSND.net)  (External site)

Theme:Beach - Boating - High Diving - Recreation - Swimming - Water - Women


Notable Features:Passive bumpers (14), Kick-out holes (4). Backglass light animation.

In the backglass light animation, Maisie climbs the ladder as the player hits the "Advance" rollovers or drops a ball into a kickout hole. When Maisie is at the top of the ladder, the two white bumpers at bottom-center will light. Rolling through the rollover between these bumpers steps Maisie down into the pool, awards a replay and 10,000 points, and lights all four kickout holes for replays.

Design by:Harry Mabs

Art by:Roy Parker


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