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Today i added black stern legs to my vpin after adding my 80's rock artwork theme and 10.2 sound system. 

What i have left to do:  i have rgb addressble leaf switch buttons , new plunger kit with boards, and extra rgb parts ordered from germany January 17th but still waiting for the mail.


UPDATE ON what ive done so far:


Removed all the atgames stock parts,only using the cabinet itself, and flipper buttons (which have been ordered)


MY SOUND SYSTEM:  6 full range speakers (including KICKER COMPETITIONS), a 8 inch subwoofer, and a mini full range soundbar running of 3 amplifiers on my main channel.   For SSF, surround i have 2 dayton exciters and a dayton bass shaker running off its own amplifier, My rear channel (flipper area) 2 more dayton exciters running also running  off its own amplifier.


SCREENS:  Playfield is a LG 32inch 1440p, 165hz 1ms HDR-10 gaming monitor.(amazing screen), 24inch backglass (nothing special), 15.5 inch QLED 1080p 10-bit HDR-10 Full DMD, 14.9inch 720p Topper screen.


CONTROLS:  added Green LED Coin button, and Red Exit button, rewired all other buttons. Kept the atgames addon control deck which has a joystick, 6 buttons, and trackball.


EXTRAS: Full 80's rockband art wrap, and added black stern pinball legs. 










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