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Batgirl Music Only Pup Pack with Updated Table

Please let me know if I forgot anyone that needs to be credited, if left off, not intentional and I will update as needed. 


Thank you to cryptdoctor21 for creating the Batgirl table based off of 32Assassin Haunnted House table.
Thank you to hawkeyez88 for creating the puppack and writing the additional table script.
Thank you to springjack for providing the music tracks.


To install:
1.) Place the new Batgirl Pup.vpx in your tables folder.
2.) Place the Batgirl (do not rename) Pup Pack into your Pup Pack folder


Music will randomly generate from the Pup Pack, once the song starts there is no way to stop it or go to the next one until it has finished. 


Disclaimer: If any Jerkey tries to place this file anywhere else except for vpuniverse.com then may the fates have your balls cut off and showen to you.


Thank you :)   


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