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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is an altsound using the Caddy Shack Soundtrack. I released this early to go along with Hawkeyez88 excellent puppack. There is still work to be done on this, every few balls there will be no sound. I cannot figure out how to fix this yet, if you are able to please feel free to correct this issue and send it to me to reupload. I would appreciate any help to try and get that issue resolved, when time permits, after the summer I plan to redo all the callouts as well. Hope you enjoy, and sorry for it not be 100% yet. Demo available on Youtube:
  2. Awesome can't wait to try it out, I was in the middle of an alt sound pack for the table with Caddy Shack call out and music, but it took a back seat to summer. Great minds...
  3. Alright, finally installed the correct Flex and the game works flawlessly. Thank you for a tremendous table, this was one of my favorites before, and you somehow made it better. thanks!!!
  4. Hoping I would have seen my issue from someone else but I'm the lucky one I have Flex 1.9, do I have to have 1.8? I read your script and it says 1.8 but not sure if 1.9 will also work? Reason I'm asking is when I launch the game it throws an error on script line 18203? or 18303? Didn't write it down and away from my table right now, can get the specifics if needed. Thanks for the help, and loved the original version of this table, also followed all your WIP on the discord. Glad you finally got it out.
  5. Hello Everyone, Please excuse the rambling. Today is my one year anniversary into the world of Virtual Pinball. I want to thank everyone who makes this hobby what it is, there are too many of you to call out by name, and I would hate it if I left someone out so I will not be doing that. This goes out to the ones that work night and day, the ones who work a few times a week, to the ones who work once a month, to a few times a quarter. I appreciate each and everyone of you. When I first heard about VP and started to look into it, I was the guy that was all about buying a premade cab with all the tables preinstalled, as my tech skills are not the best. Thankfully I started to research and found out this is not only a disservice to all the content creators, but a huge disservice to myself. To think I would have robbed myself of everything I have learned so far and not being part of this community would have been a big miss in my life. I'm also not sure how people who buy the premade machines know what to do if they want a new table down the line.... another topic for another day. I have also learned that if you read and research, all the answers are there for you, now I say this but I am guilty myself of going straight to the source with a question or two sometimes out of exhaustion from looking for the answer, and honestly, sometimes just of laziness. Luckily I have not ran into anyone who has been upset about me reaching out, but can understand how one may when you get the same question over and over again, specially when the answer is already out there somewhere to be found. When I first started I thought to myself... install FX3 and your good... funny thing now is I think I use FX3 maybe once every few months. The content that the creators have put out are nothing short of amazing. I started to even contribute myself, which I never thought would be possible. I would love to contribute more, but now that summer is here, my days are limited do to the outside activities, I plan to get back onto it in a few months when the weather turns again. So again, to each of you the contribute, rather it be once or a million times, to the ones that answer all our questions, and to the ones who just want to enjoy their cab that they built, thank you for the best hobby I have ever been involved with... Here's to another great year, I can't wait to see what happens next.
  6. thanks for the quick turn time on the fixes, you guys are awesome.
  7. I too have had the Line 1837 error, only got through one full game before it happened. Otherwise, the table is amazing.
  8. Well... so much for playing any other table for the next month.
    Love that this is the Happy Days table, thanks!
  9. “The future is what you make it” - Doc Brown. The future looks awesome! Thank you to everyone involved.
  10. I'm having the same issue with the crashing... glad to know all I have to do is remove the web.mp4 files... thanks SteveEisner for resolving this for us
  11. Version 1.0.0


    YouTube: Please note that the original file came from alexgerst from his work on PinSound. I tweaked a few files and made it compatible for alt sound.
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