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Disney Encanto (Original 2022) (MOD) 1.0

This is my take on an Encanto mod assisted by my daughter for some of the images and sound.

Being able to do this is really getting her into pinball!


Big thank you to JP for letting me mod nitro ground shaker for this!!


Fully reskinned images, I moved the top kicker up a little in hopes of not getting a bumper kicker loop thing happening (but it still does a little), moved the left and right posts in the out lanes down a little for the kids, moved and redrew all the butterfly and flower lights, and added some 3D butterflies on the bumpers. 


I did not add any text back on the table, maybe in V2.


This table is using an alias (Encanto,ngndshkr) so you will need to update that. Since it is the rom off/on in the scrip doesn't work, so F1 and turn off rom sound.... if you want to.
Music link in the text doc. Put Encanto music folder into the \Visual Pinball\Music.

In the music folder there is also the Surface Pressure video that I used for my full topper.


Table, db2s, wheel, info, rom all here.



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