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I really like the Grease table conversion of the Elvis table, but when I downloaded the Pup Pack for it I realized that the author of the Pup Pack had created it as some sort of April Fool's joke.  Since I really like the table, I decided to try my hand at creating a real Grease pup pack of my own and here it is. 


I used the original pup pack framework and replaced all the videos with videos from the actual Grease movie and added BALL LOST and GAME OVER captions to them.

All the videos have full audio, so I found that it works best if you turn down the rom volume.  Also, in the table script, I commented out the section that controls the playing of the music files.


Like I said this is my first attempt at making a Pup Pack, so I hope you guys like it.  Let me know what you think.


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Good effort - just a few points that I don't mean as criticism - I do like what you did and thank you for sharing.


The video quality is not very good - very blocky.

The videos run a little long - some of the ball lost vids still show after I have started playing again - timing thing.

The audio gain needs to be higher.




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