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The Shadow Pup Pack

This a my first contribution to the world of virtual pinball and I hope you like it. Constructive criticism is welcome.


This is a modification of the original The Shadows Pup pack (I don't know who to credit sadly) using elements from dragon44's spanish puppack (with permission, thank you!).

It's a basic pup pack, without topper.


The original pup pack had overlays baked in with the videos and a couple of errors with the .pup files. I tried my best to crop and resize the videos. The callouts were positionned at the bottom of the screen so there might be some that are cut depending on the screen option you choose. I also changed the intro video from the whole first act of the movie to the movie trailer, which makes for a more dynamic attract mode.


.pup files and options were reused and modified from dragon44's pup pack.

Some of the overlay artworks were cleaned of artifacts and reused or modified from dragon44's puppack.


The options are Full Backglass no DMD, DMD on backglass, and FullDMD.


Huge thanks to the original pup pack author!


Shout out to Nailbuster, Terryred, John Memeo, Joey Beaulieu, trochjochel, and all the others who've worked on pup packs and have shown what could really be done with this powerful tool.



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