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[New PuP-Pack Alert]White Water (Williams 1993) PUP Topper (3D Rendered)

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White Water (Williams 1993) PUP Topper (3D Rendered)

Videos looking stretched? Run the TopperMode_xxx.bat file best suited to your topper display.

A recreation of the authentic topper for White Water by Williams. The original topper is not interactive, so I added a few basic PUP triggers to make it respond to table launch, game over, ball locked/multiball, and Boulder Bash events. The clips were built in Unreal Engine to take advantage of its cool raytraced lighting and post-processing effects.

Thanks to @3rdaxis for providing the topper 3D assets, and to everyone in the VP NATION Facebook group who checked out early footage and gave valuable feedback and kind words.


Assets are available in 16x9 (standard widescreen) and 3x1 (ribbon) aspect ratios. Run the desired TopperMode_xxx.bat file to load the assets best suited to your display.


** FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. DO NOT RESELL. ** This fan recreation contains unlicensed art assets. All IP is property of its respective owners and rights holders. Unauthorized monetization of these assets or any other commercial use may be in violation of copyright laws.


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