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Flash Gordon - EB v1

Reupload -- previously published to vpinball in 2020




Flash! Ah-ah! He'll save every one of us!


Primarily a graphical mod, the majority of the hard work of bringing this table to life came from the authors before I had any involvement. VP9 version by Sinbad and the VPX version by rothbauerw


While adding the playfield to an existing table (as a demonstration to a member in one of the vpin facebook groups), I got carried away and started updating plastics when I found nice resolution photos on eBay. It felt like only a few more steps would be needed to finish up a decent mod, so I decided to hunt down and update decals, apron, and bumpers as well. What was meant to be a quick 1 hour demo turned into 10, but I'm really happy with the results.

I love the speed and flow on this table. Basically every shot in the top half of the table is rewarding and there's that short "safety net" feeling of relief when you can get up to the upper-playfield.


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