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Pirates of the Caribbean (Stern) - EB Mod

Reupload -- previously published to vpinball on August 11, 2020



Not All Treasure Is Silver And Gold, Mate....

I love this table so much! What started as an attempt at a playfield photo-stitch on a table I've never played in real life turned into my favorite project to date & many hours of updates. In addition to the playfield overhaul, I ended up acquiring, scanning and adding high res versions of the plastics (the full set) and decals (backwall and apron). This table is so fun and addictive and I'm a big fan of the theme/franchise. I put in at least as much play time as I did development time while working on it, simply because I kept getting hooked on chasing my high score. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do!


Many thanks to Sheltemke for helping with table sounds, graphics/inserts tweaks and testing!!

Many thanks to Sliderpoint for approval to create and deploy this mod from his amazing version. I just do mostly graphics updates (and steal all the glorious props at the end!), he and all the previous authors did the real work in getting this table built. Below is the relevant sections of Sliderpoint's original description. I'm including it here in an attempt to retain credits for all the people who really made this table so great.

*****Description from the Original Sliderpoint Table*****


Another version of Pirates of the Caribbean from Stern. This was my version that I made a year or so ago when 32Assassin was working on his version. I made some suggestions that didn't fit his WIP, he suggested I make my own version. So I did.

Thanks to BorgDog for testing and script help. Thanks to 32Assassin, Bord, HauntFreaks, Shreibi34 for theirs and the bits that were from their table: [dead vpinball link]

And to Freneticamnesic for his original: [dead vpinball link]



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