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Metal Man(Inder 1992)


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Doesn't seem to work for me either.  Wildman, may not have found the right solenoid for it.  I've tried building a few BG's on don't know how he and the others find any of them!  Even if you can find a manual it's still a pain.


By the way I have a question, DO the rollovers in the upper left playfield work for you? They light during attract mode but never seem to do anything win I roll over them.

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Nice one !

But one question: is the field "extra ball" on the backglass dead ? (no function)

Or is this just my stupid pc (again) ;-)  ?


Not sure why its not working, might be a vp issue, it does show it on the vp score that its there, but does not work either.....

and if it dont work there it wont work in DB2S..see the pic..


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