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[New VPVR Alert]VR Room Mata Hari (Bally 1978)

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VR Room Mata Hari (Bally 1978)

The table is made by Allknowing2012.


I would like to thank the following people:
Allknowing2012 for the permission to put the table in a VR-room. All the thanks belongs to him!
Rawd for the second VR-room (this was originally made by Ba Sti).
VPinWorkshop for the LUT-Files.
And everyone I have forgotten. Please send me a message, if you think, I have forgotton you.


I've added or changed things like nFozzy flipper physics, flyer, animations etc.

There are two rooms: the minimal room and Rawd's room. I had a nice lady take a seat on the couch.

To change the Flyer-Sites, press the flipper-buttons, if the game is not active.

To change the VR-rooms, press the right magnasave button.


There are different LUT-files in the table. So you can change the lightning.
Click the left magna save-button to change the LUT-file.


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Hey, great build. Thanks for sharing.

Could you tweak the code to keep the ball from spinning when holding it with the flipper? Bigus was able to remedy this bug in his 1.6 Mod. You can find it here ...


He also added some cool code in the above build that makes the ball jump up and smack the glass when you hit the ball straight up the lane, over the hole. I had this real table growing up as a kid and remember this happening a lot. It's a great addition to add some immersion, and realistic authenticity.

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