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[New VPX Alert]The BeastMaster V2 SoundFX

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The BeastMaster V2 SoundFX

First, I would like to thank JPSalas for its authorization to modify the "Black Pyramide" table


I am very happy to present this table to you as a tribute to the movie The BeastMaster.

Produced in collaboration with actor Joshua Milrad. Thank you to him for the trust placed in this project.


The world of Pincab is also great encounters and the opportunity to make friends.

This table that you get ready to download has a Story:  One Day I was contacted by Joshua Milrad, ... The rest is he who tells you ...



Joshua  => As a child, it was a dream come true to be cast as Tal in the original Beastmaster (1982) film. Fun fact, the cinematographer for The Beastmaster was Sir John Alcott.

You may know his name because he was revered for his four collaborations with director Stanley Kubrick When I first discovered the wonderful world of visual pinball, I was surprised at the generosity of some of the people I met online in the community.

After admiring his work, I contacted Balutito on a whim to assemble a Beastmaster table.

He's not even a fan of the movie and said parts of it, "Stitch his eyes" LOL! But it has come beyond my imagination!

He supported my endless suggestions and notes like a pro. Thanks Balutito.

Thanks to this wonderful community, a new friendship was forged across the oceans and an amazing table was born from this unlikely collaboration.

As Dar says in the movie, “Life is a circle. I am sure we will meet again, my friend! " Well done to you Balutito! I can't thank you enough.



All Logos, Copyrights and Trademarks are property of their respective owners.



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