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Cuphead Lives!

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For the last year I've been working on building my first and probably only home brew, Cuphead.  The table was designed by @Onevox, @bord and I modified it to be a 2" flipper game sent it back to Onevox and we worked together to make what Onevox released as Cuphead Pro.  Since I knew this was a killer vpx table I asked Onevox if I could try to make a home brew of it and that's how the madness all started.


There's a post on Pinside if you want to see all of the gory details.  https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/cuphead-home-brew-pinball


In summary I picked up a $150 Allied Leisure Thunderbolt and used it for the cab and parts.  The back box has a 40" TV in it that serves to display movies, game play info and scores.  The game logic is coded in Mission Pinball Framework (MPF) and the game is run on a Windows PC that uses a CobraPin board for reading switches and driving the lights and coils.  

Thanks to Onevox for designing a great table with fantastic artwork, Bord for help with artwork, Ben Heck for helping with CNC'ing the play field, Thomas for help with the Cobrapin and the folks at MPF for coding help and development.



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Holy shit, that is awesome!  I'm actually at a loss for words.


You gotta make an announcement if you take it to any shows so I can visit and play :D

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Congrats Scott, what an amazing journey from virtual to real. This could pass as a commercially produced game, the layout, art, modern-tech backbox, and best of all it all works!! Thanks for sharing, mind blown!

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Wow, Scottacus.  I have been watching this on/off for months....what a journey! IT. PLAYS. SO. WELL!  Thank you for bringing this to the community....I'm sure you've opened brain-doors for everyone here.  


Make another one...we will talk.  $$  :D

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