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[New B2S Alert] WWF Royal Rumble (Data East 1994) b2s


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WWF Royal Rumble (Data East 1994) b2s

WWF Royal Rumble (Data East 1994) b2s
this is an update to my version I made in 2017

  • all new lighting and flashers
  • accurate bulb placement
  • 2k image

Please do not redistribute, repost, repurpose or use the content for public or commercial purposes, images, or software code is prohibited without prior permission from author... in other words "dont be a POS"

Reason for disclaimer:
do to the total disrespect of the VP builders (tables, b2s, frontend , backend, etc.) and its community, certon talentless, low self esteem, trying to compensate individuals have taken it upon themselves to redistribute our work as if it is there god given right to do so.... the statements expressed are my personal opinions and not of VPU or its other members


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