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  1. Hello.... please see these posts.... there are a couple answers for this in there https://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/7656-young-frankenstein-hauntfreaks-2021-107-only/page/2/?tab=comments#comments
  2. another cool mashup..... Just played both of these tonight....
  3. hum.... if your playing in DT exclusively you shouldnt need that on.... maybe someone will post a workaround...
  4. I remember this from 2017-18 unbelievable evolution.... looks awesome man
  5. GlueSniffinEd is correct.... you must have your screenres.txt file configured correctly... I believe @scampa123 and @Wylte can also help
  6. thank you for all the kind words... please post the plunger issue in the support topic,so we can see if anyone else is having this same issue
  7. there was a plan to have a PUPdmd ... but because of the rom type it doesn't seem possible.... and I didnt want just a BG pup with random video clips...
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