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Theatre of Houdini

Hello everyone today I share the theater of houdini table a theater of magic mod with a pup pack and an audio pinsound the pup pack is not yet 100% complete but this is progressing I would update them regularly. To fully appreciate the table you have to play with the houdini audio pinsound with a lot of surprise if not no interest plus the pup pack and the color rom.

new playfield
new play of light
new backglass
new 3D elements
new sound
added magnet to modify the rules of the game


thank you to everyone who made the theater of magic version thank ninuzzu & Tom Tower


good fun

Excuse my English

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    ninuzzu & Tom Tower
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    full pack
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I've tried every setting but can't get the pup pack to load. I have 3 screens (playfield, bg & dmd).

Is that a known issue w/this right now?

I've used the bg as a standalone and can't figure out how to get rid of the grill since the DMD shows the Theatre of Magic DMD.

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