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[New PuP-Pack Alert]Congo Table & PupPack

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Congo Table & PupPack

WE are BACK......


Congo Pup Pack this Fun table finally can be enjoyed with a Pup Pack.

This Pup Pack works with all Congo tables !!!!


Download the pup pack folder and put inside the pupvideos folder run the bat file for your screen configuration.

Also you gonna find a Congo table  in this LINK, this table have a Mod that we did that includes screens on the apron area,
you can turn the Screens ON and OFF on the top of the Script.


This PupPack works with any VPX 10.6 table

The table included is VPX 10.7 that takes advantage of the extra apron Screens.


B2S - Colored Rom  and Rom for this table ""congo_21""  are not included  Google is your best friend!!


If you like the fulldmd Andrew's Walsh style just run the bat file inside the Puppack


Special Thanks to JoePicasso for again offer a amazing Overlay !!!Pedro Peres my TeamTuga mate and HIRez00 for let us use his amazing CONGO topper .





Screenshot 2021-10-07 184829.png


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copy your PinUpPlayer.ini inside the pupPack. (without you will edit your default settings, this is not what you want)
open the table
right click on the topper and alt tab the PupPack windows settings.
mark the topper in the main Settings window - resize it. Save. - or, much easier : open the pupPack with PupPack Editor and turn off the topper.


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