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FX3 with a 5:4 backglass monitor (2 screen setup)


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Greetings all!

I've had my home built mini cab running nicely for a few years now using pinup popper with VPX, Future pinball and pup-packs. Recently I added FX3 tables to the mix.

I'm hoping to get a little guidance on how to set up my backglass correctly on a 5:4 (1280x1024) monitor. Right now I am using a static image (like the Aliens one attached) for each game and it works fine.


I would like to use one of the many 16:9 videos available for the upper part and a static grill for the DMD area. For pup-packs I usually use a custom PinUPPlayer.ini to "split up" my backglass monitor into the correct ratios and everything looks great. I would like to do the same with FX3 tables, ideally through popper if possible.


How are you 2-screen cabinet users achieving this in popper with your FX3 tables?


If I missed a tutorial answering this very question feel free to mock and link please :)




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