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Table management


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I copied some of this from a post I had on another website. My question is how is the best way to manage the version of the table you have. Popper has field to put in the version. That seems like the most straight forward (but manual) way to do it.


Is there any way (or future development option), for alerting an user that a new version of a table is available? 


There is some sort of database for pulling the Popper media files. Not sure where that is or how it is managed. My initial thought is the table revision info being stored there (I think most of the tables are located on one of three reputable websites). Some sort of indicator that a new version of a table is available would be fantastic.


There is also that VPS Repository spreadsheet that lists a ton of tables with a lot of metadata. Could also be a source for managing this sort of thing. Also don't know who manages that. Someone with a lot more software knowledge than me would need to look into it. I know, lots of wishful thinking.


I don't want to sound ungrateful for all the hard work (volunteer work) that so many people do that make this possible. I really do appreciate all the effort out there. 

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