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This was my favorite release as I worked on BatmanTAS and SupermanTAS at the same time and did a duo drop on the same day. I thought it was a great surprise. I was a big fan of both of these shows when I was younger. I love the color themes on both. This was the first time I decided that I would never make a traditional table again. I loved the idea of having goals, so that you had to explore the entire table. This was the first time we added Orbital Scoreboard to my tables. There was quite a bit back and forth between Rik Laubach, Mike Minnier and myself on this one with Rik ultimately being the king. The ball saves on the outer lanes are the key to this table and have been a staple on my adventure tables (need great reflexes). Batman lit up saves one lane. Robin lit up saves the other. I also did a little voice acting in these. Finishers of all goals treating to a satisfying finish. I have updated the media on these to prevent crashes that was an issue with the original release.


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