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Cross posting to increase awareness ....


Link to the firmware is available on the mainpage of my site....... www.zebsboards.com


zebsboards V4 R51
September 2021 V4R5.1_Expansion_16bit
Compatibility - All V3 plungers in existence

  Pinball input control software written and developed by Zeb (Steve Ridgley)                                    http://www.zebsboards.com
      Tested on very little with the high possibility that it may work under Visual Pinball, PBFX2, TPA, PinMame and Future Pinball
      Written and developed under the influence; specifically beer.
      Recompling is unnecessary for making it work.. compiles everytime....doesn't mean it works.
  V4Rev5.1_September 2021 Revision
  Plunger Serial Number V4R5109072021HB (as identified in Plunger USB Properties)
  Revisions to software include:
  - Added support for i2c accelerometer, onboard calibration switch (V4R5+ plungers only-coming soon), I/O expansion, future configuration utility software
  - Changed accelerometer reporting to 16bit resolution from 8bit for greater response range
  - Revised Gain Adjustment values and routine for greater range and better reporting
  - Revised auto centering routine to work in conjunction with gain adjustment eliminating any offset at rest
  - Keyboard mode now works in conjunction with Gamepad mode for easier visual confirmation of button presses, Gamepad only mode still available
  - Moved TILT button to Button 17 and linked external input capability for tilt bobs
  - Added support for 2 x I/O i2c expanders (32 button inputs total) - expanders available soon
  - Added TILT Enable/Disable by serial command ('T' - enables/disables based on previous state)
  - Reformatted serial commands to single character ('G' - gamepad, 'K' - keyboard, 'A' - analog mode, 'D' - digital mode, 'T' - Tilt Enable/Disable)
  - Added 2x D-pads to report to allow for native joystick control - requires I/O expansion board
  - Added infrastructure for future external button/key assignment through serial transmission - software based configuration utility
  - Added firmware based detection and selection of existing hardware 

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Not yet. V2 is still working pretty well, except for the self inflicted, broken magna save. To be honest, I hesitant to change it out. I fear that v3 will pick up the bass sounds as it is attached to the plunger. For v2 I've placed the nudge/controller housing on a gel and it works great. One day, when it really breaks, I guess I won't have a choice :o

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