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Hi Everyone.


I've been working on a table on and off for a while now. I haven't posted about it until now as I wasn't sure I'd ever complete it. However I've had some time to work on it recently and made some decent progress. Still lots to do but It looks like I might finish it.


I'll try and post more about it when I find the time but for now I just wanted to put these screenshots out so people can see what I've been working on.









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Still working on this table. Progress has been slow with other commitments. I'm working on adding modes, light and pup events. Still need to go back and finalise some graphics and table elements.




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Hi flux. Just replying so you know there's at least one more person excited to play your table. I like the purple lighting and playfield. I'm happy to hear you are taking your time with it. Looking great so far. Cheers. 

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