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Please measure some Williams flippers for me


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Does anyone have a classic SS Williams and a digital caliper? I'd love to get good measurements for the flippers used on classic Williams games like Space Shuttle, Alien Poker, Black Knight, Defender etc. etc. You know the ones. More narrow than the classic Bally or Stern flippers, embossed Williams W. There are tons of games with them but I don't have a set in my collection and I'd like to get these right.


Thanks in advance.


Edit: @ARMYAVIATION, pretty sure Triple Action has the flippers I'm looking for.

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Running a Williams Firepower, so here's the measurements in mm, with molding draft change included from top to bottom.


Top "rubber" area, 16.09 tall, 74.31-74.93 long, wide end 15.12-15.74, narrow end 5.69-6.11

Bottom area, 8.52 tall, 76.98-77.52 long, wide end 17.82-18.11, narrow end 7.83-8.98

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