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[New VPX Alert]Superman (Atari 1979)

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Superman (Atari 1979)

This is a rebuilt of 32assassin table ver 1.0
Artwork by Tomasaco at GoPinball.com
Table build in 10.6
Special thanks to MydknyteStyrm  for adding the music to the table
New backglass included in the zip thanks @chucky87
Music folder "Superman" must be put inside the Music Folder
Music can be muted in the script
Decal can be removed from the script
What's New:
' New lights, new lighting
' Added Flippers Shadows and Ball Shadows
' New table physics

' Added nFozzy flippers physics
' Added Fleep Sounds
' New script
' Playfield image reworked
' Reworked all the images, cleaned and upscaled
' Changed Drop Targets height so they don't disappear when down
' Corrected Bumpers Height

' Repositioned Bumpers correctly
' Tuned Bumpers force

' Corrected kicker position\angle
' Corrected metal wired height
' Adjusted playfield lights, now all working
' Tuned Slingshots rubbers
' Added\Adjusted missing and existing mechanical sounds and replaced ball rolling sound
' Reworked the GI
' Tuned Slingshots force
' Corrected Rubbers Hit Height
' Added JP's LUT code
' New instruction Cards in the apron
' Adjusted table elements physics
Press F6  and configure the Dip switches to select different features and setup the table the way (need to do this only once)
To rotate and select between the nine LUT files press and Hold the LEFT Magnasave and rotate pressing the Right Magnasave.
Hope you enjoy it and please leave constructive feedback or comments in the support topic and will try to make it better.
All Logos, Copyrights and Trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Permission to Mod: Yes with approval


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1 hour ago, mellkul said:

I'm getting a line 202 error 

Wrong number of arguments  or invalid property assignment   Next Lut     when trying to change Lut

Code is the same to all the table I released. Do you have the  magnasave buttons assigned?

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Great table! My playfield is set to portrait in Windows. The FSbar graphic runs up the left side of my playfield. I see that I can disable it in the table script. But I'd much prefer to rotate it so it fills the top of the playfield as intended.


But I can't for the life of me figure out how to rotate it in the VPX editor. I can unlock it and drag it around, but I can't resize it or rotate it. Am I missing something?

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