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[New VP10 Alert] Rocky (Gottlieb 1982)

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Rocky (Gottlieb 1982)

Re-upload from VPB, 


Table done by Randr and Myself.  I dont have the original writeup so other may have helped too.  Thanks to all versions before that may have helped with the build but if i remember it was a full build.  Mods with approval.  Thanks to Wildman for his Authentic b2s and also the movie version of the B2s


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hi, i put the folder rocky con music (is blank) and i put some mp3. When i lauch the table appers a scrip error: Runtime error
Line: 288
Ruta de acceso no encontrada


The mp3 need a specific name???


i use the table on desktop mode (i haven´t  install dmd or topper)

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