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  1. @Thalamus, other than talking to bigass….you have been pretty quiet. Everything going ok? I was hoping that VPU would take off like VPB did but I think a combo of things winding down in vpx and a lot of people on discord’s are making the forum quiet these days. summer time in Norway fun?
  2. I guess I am one of those if it ain’t broke don’t fix it kind of people. I am happy with 10.6 but more and more tables require 10.7. I just hate that it changes the table and you can’t go back to 10.6. I guess backup and then go for it.
  3. To all the guys smarter than me, are we all using 10.7 now. I am getting tired of downloading tables requiring 10.7 and having to use 2 programs to play a vpx file. are the bugs sufficiently worked out??? thanks
  4. I have been fed up with all the bullshit mods out there and was going to pass right over this one...man am i glad i didn't!!! you did an amazing job on this and all custom scripted with no rom.. holy crap. Well done bro that was alot of work and you nailed it. Man, a few more of these and you will be on Bigus' level, lol
  5. I know i have dont this before but not in a while but does freezys not support the compact view where there arent any dots? Vpinmame will do it when selected in f1 but with external dll it will not. any clue
  6. Wow, love to see all this unnecessary drama unfolding over at VPF. Paul and his attitude supporting Bigus and his untalented arrogant ass pissing everyone off, welcome back @hauntfreaksand thanks for staying @Knorr. Wish @32assassinwould atleast come back here and be a part of this place. I am so fucking done with the trash over there. Rediculous mods, mods of shitty mods after mods, rants of how great vp8 and 9 are and to top it off, Paul’s ego. It’s a hot mess that’s not even entertaining anymore, but we all owe Paul for saving us and our hobby Oh and all the rest of the mor
  7. pack looks great, the only thing i cant get to work is the backglass mp4 video. i see where the pack calls for it on screen 2 and its in the proper folder in the pack, just doesn come on. I could always put it on popper but i would like to figure this out, thanks
  8. The paint wasn’t that bad on the cab but it did have some flaking and the front was by far the worst. I wanted to get to a clean solid slate and get a solid paint job on it
  9. Make sure you unzipped the file or it’s not renamed the same as the table
  10. This has by far been my favorite restored on an EM and top 3 with all pinballs. I absolutely love the 60s era pinball games. This game was in pretty good shape when I picked it up but with help from @RONR11, we got it running like it was back in the 60s. The playfield is in excellent shape. It had 1 small mark where the left flipper has hit the table at one time but it was all green and touch up is very hard to see. The cabinet artwork i hand touched up and going to put a coat of poly on the cab to seal it but the colors turned out amazing. The game is so fun to play, I could sit there fo
  11. Me too. The one I have isn’t working properly. Thanks
  12. If you are judging the tables based on what most vpf tables look like, other than JPs and a few others then it would look normal. There is such a higher standard that is somewhat expected these days, for example primitives, accuracy, physics, lighting. This table looks good for when it was made but with all the resources these days it is possible to make it look 100% better.
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