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  1. @mlager8 “tangentially”, I don’t even know how to say that word let alone what it means. @Dazz you do 3D scanning? Matt’s and I were trying to model the characters from Simpsons kooky carnival using photos. Not going well cause I suck at photography. I would love to get all of these scanned somehow and we can even use the ones for Simpsons pinball party if we ever update it. If I sent these to you would it be possible? maybe I will start a wip on it again, we need to get the WIP threads built up then we know we are back to business. And somehow convince 32 to join in and get back to
  2. Why is it so hard to rule the universe, you can go in the settings and put like 7 balls!!!!! Maybe more who knows. I rule the universe with infinite number of balls!!!
  3. His name is SexyboyfromNorway but don’t tell anyone it’s an alias
  4. @JFR1 no the restored ones are not mine but those 4 are gonna get the rockstar treatment. I will keep an eye out for you I am taking my bike in next week for an overhaul. My de-railers are all jacked up and I’m gettin knee surgery Thursday so won’t need it for a bit. But living on Rock Island here in Illinois, there are so many bike paths and the family and I have been getting out a lot. My 2 little girls ,8 and 10 are really starting to love riding.
  5. Oddly enough that is the most common of all of them. @bordyou need to get FB just for marketplace and to send Thalamus messages randomly because he hates FB but still answers them, lol. I have found some really cool deals lately. I am so glad to be back up north where there is a deep culture and history in places like Chicago, St. Louis, pittsburgh and let’s not forget Youngstown!
  6. Parking meters have become a huge collectible in the last few years like gas pumps and signs here is a link to the guys Bord got me into. Very cool stuff here
  7. Well damnit, I still need to find someone smarter than me to script out these moving primitive ramps on Simpsons kooky carnival. You guys do want to play this don’t you??? A lot of talented people popping up here, if you guys know someone let me know
  8. With everything going on, I too feel like taking a step back and that’s bad because I was all ready to get back going after my cab rebuild.... ugh but I do have one person to blame for my lack of interest.. @bord, you got me watching rescue and restore and the first thing I saw was a 1960s Duncan parking meter restore. Well as of the last 3 days I have 4 now. Found a sweet double one for $40 on FB, a cool Art Deco one for $35, and another single Duncan for $20 and the finale, a 1940s Duncan for $25 worth about $200. I am hooked and in full resto mode. With all these parking met
  9. @Knorr, your tables are definitely badass bro. Hopefully one of these days things will get back to normal. There are a few authors around here that we definitely cherish the tables they build and you are one of them
  10. @Thalamus, how old are you????
  11. I only had 13 tables to repost But I wasn’t going to go through and write up a full write up on every table like I did the first time. I can’t imagine redoing everything that you had. That’s why I don’t understand why it would hurt to keep the form open itself
  12. @TerryRedwell said sir. I agree 100% with mostly all but 1 thing. I have supported Randr every second I could. He built the greatest site in my opinion and made it a very comfortable environment, with the help of all the moderators. He started the site, he pays for the site, he helped build the site, but everyone who contributed made the site what it was. Hell the motto even said that. How does he have the right to just take it away then? There was tons of work, tutorials, laughs, arguments.... that are now locked up and put away because he just didn’t want to do it anymore. And when I
  13. What’s new.... it’s only a matter of time before bigus changes the brightness setting on all of our tables and calls it his own. Then all the new guys call him a god for all he has done for this community
  14. I just want to make it clear that I had nothing to do with making this site happen. I realized that looking back my initial post makes it look like I am welcoming people to the site. I am not. I am just happy to be “welcomed” here and encourage VPB guys to come here. All praise to the mighty @dazz and @wildman and all others who made this site what it is
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