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[New VPVR Alert]VR Room - Big Buck Hunter Pro (Stern 2010)

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VR Room - Big Buck Hunter Pro (Stern 2010)

VR Room - Big Buck Hunter Pro (Stern 2010) v1.3 .3


Time to Hunt. 



Options in script for custom DMD decal, Instructions card,  Flyer, Poster, DMD & Back glass Reflections and Scratched Glass. 

Tournament mode to be enabled in options of the game Rom (Press 0 in game for options) 


Recommended B2S by: Wildman 



v1.3.3 small fix for the targets


v1.3.2 - Massive update, updated cabinet artwork, added missing artwork on playfield, Adjusted plastics, lights and linked up poppy's targets, fixed a problem with auto plunger, Added option for tournament mode, topper and DMD/ Blades decal.


v1.3.1 - Added option to disable the VR logo

v1.3 - Added flasher lights to Start and Tournament Buttons 

Assigned Tournament mode to input key 2. (Tournament mode to be enabled in options of the rom) 

Added options to remove scratches and DMD refection and flyer poster. by Retro27 


 v1.2 - VR Room by Retro27 

Tweaks by Sixtoe raised the plastic on the outlane to stop z fighting, changed depth bias on the slingshot flashers so they were properly transparent and not showing too much, hooked up the DMD for normal displays, changed the material of the bull so it wasn't semi-transparent 


 v1.11- Original table by 32assassin 


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Great table. Thanks ! But I have one request: Please turn on the auto-plunger if you are doing an update. I mean with multiball it is a bit difficult to keep an eye on the flipper fingers, three balls and the shot of the ball. Therefore I make a change by turning on the auto-plunger.

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