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[New VPX Alert]U-FOES v2

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This is an updated version of my U-FOES original pinball table.


The version 2 update includes:


Bug fixes.

New in game music.

New playfield graphics.

Some new sound effects.

Better playability.


Thanks to Loafer for the voice call outs and Thalamus for showing me how SSF works.


dB2S and Game instructions are included in the DL file.



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7 hours ago, Stevenoj27 said:

Any quick easy way to get score on backglass in desktop mode?  Other then not being able to figure this out it’s an awesome table. Thanks!

Line 101 in the script:     Desktop=Table1.ShowDT    change to :    Desktop=False

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I agree, table is great in every way. The original music is a big plus too. Only played 3 rounds as far, but, every tune felt to suit the machine and not repetitive in that sense that the tracks where all quite different. Of course, the game play is great too. Have to re-read the rules I guess, still though, remembered some of it and able get me into the high score list from the previous version.


Big thanks again !

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