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[New VPVR Alert]VR Room Avengers (Pro), The (Stern 2012)

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VR Room Avengers (Pro), The (Stern 2012)

Added the VR conversions to this table that was done by 32assassin (Thanks for the permission to mod!), Fren, and GtxJoe.   I like this table, and was surprised it wasn't done in VR already.  So, I decided to do the VR conversions, and did a few lighting changes to get it to look good in VR. Sixtoe provided a once over and did a couple additional lighting and timer tweaks. 


Once again, I changed the typical minimal room slightly to have a wood floor, and a slightly different wall... which gives an appearance of lighting from the pinball machine casting on the wall.  You can change back to the original walls and floor in the options section of the script.  


Anyway, I hope you enjoy!  And thanks again to 32assassin and Sixtoe!


In the script set 0 for Modern Minimal Walls, floor, and roof and 1 for Toby's original walls and floor.


V 1.0:  VR Tweaks, custom environment, and a few other minor adjustments to fit in VR Cab.


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