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[New PuP-Pack Alert]Simpsons Pinball Party PuPPack

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Simpsons Pinball Party PuPPack

1st link is the muted rom - 2nd link is the "standard" PuPPack


D'oh! Have fun with this one! Lots of great content from a killer show that's been on for over 30 years!


Thanks to Joey Beaulieu for the overlays!  Thanks to the discord testers for their feedback!!


Thanks as always to the "Guru's" Opeckie, David, Peter and Terry for always lending a hand!


This is for Fun DO NOT SELL or Redistribute or reupload as your own.



1st link is the muted rom - 2nd link is the "standard" PuPPack - 3rd link is the 4x3 PuPPack.


Will work with 1.4.5 but for best experience use with v1.4.6 beta files (baller install aleady has v1.4.6). TILT will break the PuP if you aren't on 1.4.6 to be specific.


Every user should grab the simpprty.zip file as this is a muted rom - you don't need it, it's an option. If you got the muted rom during Halloween, still get this one. I've muted more of the callouts as there's more content in this version. Shouldn't "hurt" the Halloween PuPPack at all.


"Standard" puppack users get the simpprty.zip download and place the files into your pinupsystempupvideos folder as you would any other puppack. Select 1 of the 5 options that suites your system.




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