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[New VPVR Alert]Atlantis VR Room (Gottlieb 1975)

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Atlantis VR Room (Gottlieb 1975)

This is the VR Room conversion of Loserman76's Atlantis table.


I lost my notes for V1.0 when vpinball went down but the notes for v1.1 are below.



 -Fully integrated Backglass, Reels and Flashers.  B2S file is no longer required.

 -Replaced backbox with proper wedge backbox and resized the cabinet slighly
 -Slightly adjusted inlane metal (Ramp1).  The ball was not going on the flipper smoothly.
 -Animated Flipper buttons
 -Added two 360 rooms and Minimal room (use magnasaves to change rooms)


Special thanks to:


-Loserman76 for the great table

-Arconovum for the reel code

-3rdaxis for the rock assets

-UnclePaulie for the backglass flasher guide

-Arvid for the 360 sphere and guide


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