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I was wondering what the process was to have a table added to DOF Config?

I was hoping to have Pinball Wicked added.   While I know it isn't setup for DOF perse, I can use DOFLinx to have flippers and plunger support.

By adding DOF Config, I am hoping I'd be able to add MX Undercab lighting to the table as well...or maybe even some default MX stuff for the matrix.

I'm still new to this piece, so if I'm way off, please let me know!  Thank you!

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I actually had the same question, I was unable to see if there is an official process for this. Wanting to add miraculous and trolls by JP, as it appears he has the DOF in the script, but not seeing the tables in the config tool database.

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Ahh, so for example edit Diablo table and in the table script change the name to Diablo and it will use that config for feedback? I think I’m following you on that one, ok cool. Thank you! Will give it a go 

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