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On 4/14/2021 at 7:45 PM, stargate66 said:

I took this apart so if you are still interested  let me know. Just selling the cabinet (I upgraded and used all the internal components).IMG_20200315_112608069.thumb.jpg.603a65d4dc0370e41bd680bcb8aae498.jpgIMG_20200315_112623013.thumb.jpg.88df07955d294c2f9f79ce7e3d11556e.jpgIMG_20200315_112700639.thumb.jpg.762a573a4331a4f3cee6ea1339ca9b0d.jpgIMG_20200315_112722450.thumb.jpg.11f7aaff6819983cf14e77bd1b211632.jpgIMG_20200315_112732209.thumb.jpg.17a350c43a8c10f331c0f8c2aeb6e3e6.jpg

How much were you asking for the cabinet?  What size TV does it fit for the playfield?

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