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Hi, I've not touched my pincab config in 5 years or so and have just started to get back into it.  Man have things changed over the last few years!

My pin2dmd is running the first firmware that was released, do i need to update it to enable the colourised stuff? and if so, can someone point me to a guide?

Also, there doesn't seem to be sections for playfield and backglass video downloads any longer, or have they moved?


thanks :)





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Welcome Back
Things have changed a lot in the last year 5  But in a last year things have exploded

You're going to have to do some serious updating

2 and 3 Screen set-up and more


Color roms

Other web site


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@lucky1 should be able to help you I guess. And, well, for playfield/backglass videos. There is a at least two front-end that are able to record those for you. So, we don't upload that anymore. PinballY and Pinup Popper. You've got enough on your hands right now. Just bare that in mind once you get there.

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cool, i just messaged @lucky1 

I'm still using PinballX (for now), I'll just record the videos like i used to.

thanks for your help :)

and yes, I've got some updating to do.  I'm getting there, I've updated pinmame, vpx, the pin2dmd, installed pupplayer with stranger things and harry potter.

where are all the new stern tables and other tables hiding? I found GB but Beatles and WOZ are hiding

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Easiest way for you right now as it is compatible with PinballX - no problem installing Pinup Popper on the side - testing it. I have it installed in my cab, but, well, prefer the simplicity of PinballY. I came from PinballX myself, a almost seamless upgrade and no need for external PBXrecorder any more.

Woz is at vpinball I think - no rom emulation, just original ? Beatles, more or less the same, might be best to ask a facebook friend ?

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For me, these are the main reasons - stability, speed, built-in recording, no call home, a proper change-log, good documentation, flexible ( tunable via java-script ), compatible with pinballx, videos in dmd while playing, still under development. Popper has most of these advantages too. But, a bit more work if you come from PinballX. You should in theory be able to add tables via PinballY and still go back to PinballX. Don't think you'll ever going to though ;)


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