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germangamingsupplies order concern


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Ordered a PIN2DMD "Evolution" from germangamingsupplies.com on September 3 and have been patiently waiting.  But just got an email from "Deutsche Post AG" that it was delivered when I never received anything. Got no reply from Dom the owner. Should I be worried?


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yes, you should be worried, as I currently had bad experiences with German Gaming Supplies.


I have ordered in March 2019 and just got partially delivered. I'm still waiting for the flipper buttons. Also the Pinscape Expansion Set was soldered incorrectly and is thus inoperativ and because of an incorrect manual a port of my teensy controller was destroyed.

I got no response to my emails and phone calls for weeks nor any response to two letters of my legal protection.



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:( Looks like I might be in the same boat. I ordered in the beginning of August but have not received anything yet either and tracking  information I was given is not working yet. I also ordered the pinscape and flippers. Really hoping I receive both and that its not incorrectly resoldered. Wondering if I should just open dispute now with amazon pay and cut my losses. It seems that response time on this order is slow/non-existent :( I really want to get this order though and am trying to give them a chance

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any comment on my order from March 2019?

the flipper buttons were still not received and 
the pinscape is not working because of incorrectly soldered and missing parts? see my link above

will you send or refund the buttons?

will you send an replacement pinscape?


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