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World Cup Soccer 94 (Bally 1994) (Db2S)


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Do you have a copy of Photoshop? There's a really easy trick to cleaning up a noisy image like this that has pretty flat graphical areas underneath it. Makes it look a lot better and it's super easy. Also, as much as I love me some high rez backglass, I'm not sure it's worth going more than 1920 wide.


Anyways, if you have Photoshop fire it up, load this image, and then go to Filter > Blur > Surface Blur and put in settings Radius: 5px Threshold: 10 levels (you can play from there, that's just a good start). Will really clean up an image like this while preserving all the color and line work. :)

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Great, glad that helped. For some reason Surface Blur isn't a widely known trick, but when used properly (and it works better with illustration than photographs) it can really remove noise and jpeg artifacts while preserving all the detail. :)

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