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Idea: New Table Size Dialog


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Here's an idea that's been bouncing around my head.


A simple "new table" dialog when you hit Ctrl+N or File..New table. What the dialog would contain is a list of common table sizes, and a radio button option for a custom size.


That way, for recreation tables you don't have to backtrack to the vpforums thread for common table sizes, or google search. It's all there for you. Time saved!

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but to redo a vp pin we really don't need to know the actual pin size

since most of vp ones differ so much I just look at the size in the editor

I think you are completely missing the boat here Faralos...

Actually, yes we should have standard sizes. Real machines had standard and widebody sizing. I would be nice to say that you want to re-create a Gottlieb wedgehead, select that option and the sizing for that cabinet would be input into VP.

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That feature would be nice, it would also be nice to have a ruler tool so you can measure placement of objects.


Agreed. That could easily just be stuck on the vertical & horizontal edges, not unlike Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. 

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so Itch are your templates sized proportionally?

or must we redo them then to fit the standards?

i see your point now and yeah it would be a great help then

 if all tables were sized correctly as I have seen some that looked huge

but really were just made to look bigger than their real life counterparts

and look odd due to that stretching

like my wall-e pin; that is supposed to have been a standard pin size

 but I made it into a widebody since that way it was easier to place the pf objects into it

 yes I know that pin ain't a real one but I found versions of it online and it looks thinner than my version

so I think that the original was made as a standard pin and not a fatty (widebody)


and yeah layering in vp would be the bees knees (the cats meow?) icing on the cake?

or however you want to compare it

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