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Kiss (Bally 1979) (Db2S)


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File Name: KISS (Bally 1979) (dB2S)
File Submitter: Westworld
File Submitted: 12 Feb 2013
File Category: B2S Backglasses

Backglass was designed to be authentic, no additional lightning compared to the real pinball machine.

The backglass supports the "chase lights", which was first introduced with the KISS pinball. The letters KISS shows an animation during Attract mode, while showing the missing target letters during play mode (

There is a 6 and 7 digit version of the backglass available, you need to select the correct one fitting to your ROM version in use. If your table uses "Kiss" as ROM, you will need the 6 digit version (showing scores up to 999.999), if you use "Kissb" you need the 7 digit version (showing millions).

The backglass can be used with JPSalas 'Kiss VP91x 2.2FS' table (by default using the 7 digit ROM) or with Ezepov's 'KISS FS 1.0.0' (by default using the 6 digit ROM), should also work with other table versions.

A big thanks to Flying Dutchman for the backglass image

Click here to download this file
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